Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover



As the largest UK car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover needs no introduction. It is a fast moving high performance organisation that fosters a clear “can do” attitude.



Elan Valley Lodge designs and delivers the annual Jaguar Land Rover Challenge. With over 600 participants this is believed to be the largest company challenge event in the UK. Participants are drawn from right across the company and the event offers a unique environment where apprentices, graduates, production staff and senior managers work together on a level playing field. Teamwork and Leadership are the key themes as teams work together to undertake a wide variety of tasks and walking routes in tough terrain and often in challenging weather conditions. 



The Lodge designs a new event every year and the location changes to keep the event fresh. Safety is the number one priority and is a key feature of the event design. We provide camping facilities for 600+ people with marquee and catering, accommodation for 40 JLR marshals, activity equipment and instructors, scoring system along with all the logistics and infrastructure that a major event requires. 

Tasks can include: Rock climbing, Abseiling, High Ropes, Kayaking, Raft Building, Mountain Biking, Archery, Problem Solving Tasks and 4x4. These along with 50 plus kms of walking routes provide teams with plenty of options for planning their day. 



After the Challenge we asked participants what impact and which skills the event helped them develop. Teamwork came top at 98%, closely followed by leadership skills at 80% and 65% of participants felt it increased their confidence.

We asked Brian Mackie, Roadside Assistance Manager based at Whitley, who has competed in the Challenge for 30 years for his personal take on teamwork:


I think there’s a clear parallel to life at JLR. Welcoming and integrating new team members, whether new starters or project team members makes them feel special and ensures the best results. 

Brian Mackie (pictured 2nd from right with his team)


Making everyone feel part of the team is an essential part of success at the Challenge. It’s not uncommon to have late withdrawals from the team so new people can find themselves part of the team just a few days before the event. 

Often they’re nervous about having never having been in the team before or even having previously participated in the event. Integrating these new members and making them feel instantly at home is vital to success. 

I’m very fortunate to have long standing team members who are excellent at offering a cheery word and practical support when the wind, rain and cold sets in and the blisters are starting to hurt. I’m in no doubt many of our team members over the years have amazed themselves (and us!) by what they’ve achieved despite pain and adversity and the support from the rest of the team has been the key part of that success.