Sample Team Development Programme

Our programmes are specifically designed for business teams who work together on a daily basis. Under our motto ‘'challenge by choice'' individuals have the opportunity to tackle activities that appeal to themselves but which contribute towards the overriding team goal.

  • An enjoyable, fun, but challenging activity.
  • Relevant input of teamwork and leadership theory in response to the identified needs of each team.
  • Opportunity for intellectual, logistical and physical challenge.
  • The exercises will not be dependent on physical fitness.
  • The programme will conclude with the team identifying key actions that they will implement in your business to create a more productive team environment.


Session 1: practical exercise as an introduction to action centred learning.  A short discussion for the team to consider how we use this medium to develop a clear understanding of teamwork issues.

Session 2: series of group problem solving challenges.  Each exercise is followed by a short review to explore what can be learnt from the team’s approach to these challenges.  Appropriate models are used to support the learning.  The session will conclude with each team designing their ‘'template for team success'' which will be individual to each team.
A sample of topics that you may wish to include:

  • Teamwork and the EVL ‘'5 conditions for High Performing Teams''
  • Leadership styles
  • Coaching skills
  • Communication skills
  • Managing workload and prioritising tasks
  • Support & Challenge
  • Problem solving
  • Team roles

Session 3: We explore the various roles that exist in an effective team.  Each delegate completes a self-perception questionnaire which will identify their team role preference. With the objective of:

  1. Gaining a greater understanding of the strengths of people within the team.
  2. Exploring the different team roles and their application, leading to a better understanding of team dynamics.

 - DAY TWO - 

Session 1: Briefing for the “Peregrinations” (‘'purposeful journey'') exercise.

This can be a collaborative project or a competitive exercise.

Session 2:  Embark on "Peregrinations" exercise: As information from the scenario becomes available, the team members get involved in an increasingly challenging logistical problem.  A number of smaller challenges are faced within the framework of one overriding aim. 


Session 1: Finale of the "Peregrinations" exercise.

Session 2: Return to the Lodge to analyse the exercise. Identify the behaviours, leadership styles, communication techniques and management processes that occurred, highlight the successful and less successful aspects and then compare these to the normal actions and behaviours in the workplace. This open and honest discussion then leads to the development of:

Your investment

Each programme is unique, once your exact requirements have been identified we will agree a fixed price that will include:

  • Design & Preparation
    Consultation with key personnel in your organisation to ensure that the event meets your needs.
  • Consultancy and Tutor Fees
    Programme Director, Tutors and Skills Technicians appropriate to the location and number of delegates participating in the programme
  • Equipment Hire
    Personal protective clothing and footwear, programme materials and equipment, inter-site transportation.
  • On course costs
    All materials and handouts. Specialist advice and equipment.  Catering and refreshments.
  • Accommodation
    Full board at Elan Valley Lodge or other venues dependent upon your requirements and delegate numbers.
  • We offer the highest professional standards and excellent value for money