Team Building Exercises and Developing Teamwork Culture

In this world of virtual, interlinked and continuously developing teams, it is important to develop a team culture that will thrive and survive even when membership of any particular team changes.

In our team development courses we provide a variety of team building exercises - these help individuals to develop transferable team-working skills and gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying behaviours that create a culture of high performance. We also work to develop a clear team identity with

People – Purpose – Performance

We use our unique Authentic Team Model: This has three core requirements to create a high-performing team culture;

  • The right People
  • with a clear Purpose
  • and a high Performance culture

The benefits are huge. Developing a team that communicates well, is effective, consistent and reliable leads to a high work output of the right quality. A strong teamwork culture creates inspired team members who continuously strive for excellence and to improve performance. Being a part of such a team is a great place to be, if it’s done right it becomes engrained in everyday working practices and being good is no longer good enough!

Course methodology - Challenge, Action, Review

To make your team building programme practical, memorable and relevant we use a blend of theory, discussion and case studies. We then use practical exercises to provide an opportunity to experience the concepts first hand and a detailed review to consolidate the learning.

The practical team building sessions will be challenging and include a range of interesting activities, some indoors and some outdoors. Based on our belief that your staff will learn more if they enjoy the experience, they choose how they can most appropriately contribute towards the success of the event.

The focal exercise can be collaborative; the whole course population work together to achieve a common goal, or competitive where small teams compete to out-perform each other.


We explore a range of team theory and undertake a number of practical tasks to explore the key concepts that underpin effective teams. The EVL team diagnostics tool helps us to analyse current team performance in the real world. A comparison of the findings of these two processes establishes the context of the programme.


We will develop an engaging scenario which will involve the team members working in collaboration or in competition to solve an increasingly difficult logistical problem. The scenario comprises many smaller tasks and activities. Decisions need to be made and effective communication is vital if the overall goal is to be reached. Each scenario culminates in a memorable finale.

Some of the Team Building Activities that can be included:

  • Problem solving exercises
  • High ropes team challenge course
  • Abseiling
  • Archery
  • Open Canoeing
  • Improvised raft building
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain bike skills course
  • Orienteering
  • Rock climbing
  • Hill Walking

The final team session will bring the learning together with documentation produced by the team and its members designed to meet your agreed outcomes. It is essential to identify practical and realistic actions and behaviours that will generate real and meaningful change in your organisation.

Review - Follow up and review

These plans for change need to be kept alive and followed up. We strongly recommend that a review process is set in place to revisit the team’s plans, celebrate their successes and reconsider issues where progress has not yet been made. Some of our clients have the capacity to undertake this in house. Where this is not the case Lodge facilitators can undertake this role at your location.

If you would like any more information about the services offered here please feel free to contact us.

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