Leadership and Management Skills, Training Courses


Key skills for your managers:

  • Proactive leadership
  • Planning, time management and prioritisation
  • Developing and leading a high performing team
  • Communication skills
  • Support and challenge as a management tool
  • Creating innovation and change


The process of our Management Training

We explore your chosen range of key skills, trial them in a realistic practice scenario, then consolide the learning and support your delegates through a process of doing things differently.

The “practice ground” 

It’s engaging and provides a real opportunity for delegates to try new ways of working. There is a complex mystery to solve in which leadership, planning, time management and effective communication will all be vital. It is a very complex exercise that has proved itself time and time again to challenge delegates on many different levels:

  • Intellectually

  • Logistically

  • Physically (if people choose to)

  • Organisationally

  • Applying the learning 

We use the EVL planning tool to record delegates learning and plan how it is going to be applied and further developed back at work.

  • What can I do to improve my effectiveness?

  • What support will I need?

  • When will it be done?

  • What will other people see as a result? 

Post course

Many clients ask us to convene a meeting of the delegates three months after the course to share their experiences since the programme.  It's an opportunity to relect upon what have they achieved as a result of the course, any difficulties have they encountered and where they take their development next. 

As with all of our work the programme can be tailored to your specific requirements. It is suitable for people already in management positions or those with management potential.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities

left_quote.gifI am more confident in dealing with matters arising in work, and have started to set clear, challenging goals. I have improved my communication, which in turn has led to greater results. I now seek the different opinions of colleagues when looking to change something, and take it all on board before finalising my decision. right_quote.gif

Mary Donally MOD Defence Estates

Corporate Events


Our flexible design team can create an event that is tailored to your requirements, contact us for more information.

 left_quote.gifFirst class facilities and a friendly professional team. The best training course I've ever attended. right_quote.gif

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